| Illustration, Iconography and Campaign Branding

Christmas time campaign branding, lots of vector illustration work.

Graphic Vector Creation, Adobe Illustrator


| Texture Speed Painting Minis

Different texture studies across spheres, speed concepts

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| Howdy Sailor

Nautical digital painting bust illustration.

Digital Painting, Photoshop


| Charity T-Shirt Design

Race for life bespoke t-shirt design

Pure Graphics


| Bento Box Icon Illustrations

Cute Branding Elements for Bento boxes.

Artwork, Adobe Illustrator

| Character Design 'Elementals'

Designs for female representatives of the Chinese elements and gaming packaging.

Digital Painting and Illustration, Adobe Photoshop



| Technology & Top Tier Brand Adverts

Design work for multiple companies.

Pure Graphics


| Cupcakes and Rosie-Lee

Cupcake pin-up Bakey Poster Digital Art

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| Manic Dynamic

This design work was for the BOXX UK website

Pure HTML5 & CSS3 Coding & Graphics


| Children's Illustration

Sweet frog illustration, digital painting for children.

Digital Painting, Adobe Photoshop


| Icons for ADAM

This design work was for ADAM Continutiy.

Vector Illustration & Muse


| See No Evil

Spectacle Illustration.

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| New Responsive Website Design for Ci

Fully device responsive and user friendly.

Graphic Design, HTML5 and CSS build underway (updates coming soon!)


| A Power in Water

Water Witch 

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| Hear No Evil

Headset digital painting bust illustration.

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| Ask For Forgiveness

Some angels are just plain bad.

Digital Painting, Photoshop

| A Ghost

Ghostly, other-worldly digital painting bust illustration.

Digital Painting, Photoshop