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It occurred to me, one day some time ago, that my thoughts were not my own. I had a varied amount that seemed to flit in and out as they liked, without a conscious vote of what positive or negative things arose.

Sometimes it seemed as though thoughts came from others. And you wish you had said ‘I just thought of that’ – but you don’t, because you’d be saying it far too often.

I’m now referring to myself as ‘you’. This is quite normal. This is simply because I have become far too used to seeing me outside of me. I am now us. There seem to be a fair few of us too.

My nearest and dearest hear me refer to ‘us’ and ‘we’ knowing I mean just me. Others may think I mean my partner and myself. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.

I’m lucky, because I really enjoyed observing my own crazy head behaviour (and still do), but I know others struggle, especially those who are set on knowing thier thoughts were exclusively theirs.

I say this because I found that a lot of new age material befit my way of thinking, rather than taking what seems to be the normal (if there is such a thing…) mind-route of thought ownership.

Most of this material includes what is sometimes referred to as the ‘torsion field’, the ‘source field’ or the ‘consciousness field’.

Such material suggests that incoming data could be the product of other minds and not just your own. Have I turned on my inner radio? Can I hear more than myself?

Thoughts cause a frequency, and thus push away and reach far out, way beyond your skull. So why not? Consciousness is something we have never really researched until now, and lots of fantastic things are being theorised that make sense. Well, at least they do to me.

The idea is that there are not just your own thoughts. There is thought field. It might just be what hooks this entire world together, stitch by stitch.

I have learnt to be more mindful. I love to gear the chatter, and love not to. It’s good to have a healthy dose of mind mash once in a while, to listen and see what comes up.

It’s really nice to quiet things down in there too. But I’m always aware, no matter what frame of mind I’m in, that it’s not just me in there.

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