October 26, 2016 karlee 0Comment

treasure-studios-logoHi everyone, thanks for coming for a quick read!

Today marks the day when Treasure Studios is truly born to represent the unique stationery and trinket design work I create for weddings which I hope customers come to truly treasure (see what I did there??).

By this coming Friday I will have a website for people to take a look at and browse around. I’ll update you as and when it goes live but if you fancy the web address now it’s www.treasurestudios.co.uk .

I also am planning 6 wedding stationery launches to see me into January 2017 – once a fortnight in fact, but I’m starting with a few quick ones in succession in the coming few weeks.

I have a new facebook page, dedicated to Treasure Studios. Not much on there just yet, but I’ll be populating it with all my favorite images from my personal artwork page soon. Please like!

That’s it for my update this evening!

Subscribe to follow me on my journey in creating lovely things for people getting married across the globe; there may even be a new wedding theme or two created right in the Treasure Studios lab! eeeehem… I mean my conservatory 😉

Over and out lovely people.

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