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Need to boost your creative mojo?

One of the best places to look for inspiration, when creating a digital painting, (or anything creative for that matter) is to check out whats current with other artists.
Essentually, you dont want to copy peoples work, but, especially if you are new to digital painting or digitally painting fashion illustrations (or even portraits, like me ^_^) you’ll want to practice – attempting to copy a piece of work will, without a doubt, help you hone your skills… but whatever, thats a totally different subject…
When fighting the digital painting version of writers block, it best to check out some other work – it’ll get your creative juices flowing! These are great:
Top 10 Digital Painting & Fashion Illustration

  1. If i could be like anybody it would be… Natalie Shau

  2. Benedict Campbell
  3. Micheal Oswald
  4. Sabrina Garrasi
  5. Gray Scott
  6. Jennifer Healy

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