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So my best friend and I would be the best at podcasting.

We would at least achieve at being the best worst podcasters, and I have a plan to bribe and somewhat blackmail her into doing it with me. So, I have made her the loneliest podcast in history, with 5 reasons she should join me for a regular mega-dump of useless garble for the internet to have for it’s own.

This is a first ever podcast on my part and few hiccups do happen with the audio, but hey. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Without more ado, this is to you my best friend, Lydia.

It would be so amazing if you would podcast with me now you have a little time on your hands before you have your baby boy, Rogan, during your maternity leave (and maybe after oo00ooo!). If we’re any good, maybe we can convince our other besties to come and join us too. Hit the triangle and listen to me attempt to convince you to come and play:



Written and casted by
Karlee Gould

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