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That was Superb. ‘I must write this down’, I thought.
You don’t see any of it at first; you’re in the middle before you realise and its fuzzy morning disguise drops away.
At first I saw the dew sparkling in all colours in front of me; the dog moves by – I shift to make sure it’s not glass, but it’s not – it’s just perfectly formed orbs of glossy light on a wicked-witch green lawn.
Adoring this small sparkling path in front of me, I look up to see it’s not small at all. It’s mammoth, coating the whole field where the shadows are not fell.
I make for the left, the sun hitting the same side, watching Willow run the line. We go under the shade of trees where long grass grows. It’s green has turned blue and dark in the centre of each blade, as if frost touched it just hours before. The leaves on the maple trees have just fallen, almost floating about the grass; a shocking red contrast.
The wows start leaving my mouth, until there is just cool, deep breathing left.


And looking.
Softly pausing.
There’s no better than this. We’re watching the sun light up the grass as we quick-step along the back of the new field. Willow biting at the wet ground, then begging for her Frisbee.
She runs, I walk. I enjoy all of it and so does she; it’s breath-giving and worth every single moment it has taken to get right here. I begin to look back at the sun and pass up the right line of the old field with her.
I notice something. I look in one direction, towards Willow, bobbing my head slightly so my eyes gather a better purchase on what cannot possibly be ahead. There are webs on the grass. Passing here and there through the blades. I see now – millions of them, coating the ground. The more I look, the more I see! They’re all over my wellies.
I look up, an oh!
They’re pure white and everywhere – the sun has lit them to fever pitch and they sing at my face, dancing like I am on silky water. Exactly like low-wind water moving.
I turn, to see it around me, and there could not be an ‘oh’ for what I see next. Turning away from the sun this time, the webs have picked up the rainbow in an arc aspread the field, becoming wider as the land stretched out. They are rays of colour that move with you on the silk lake.
Impossibly beautiful. Yet real.
I have to wait there, I’m not sure why, but I do. I stay for a bit; It’s just me and Will. Without anyone here it makes you wonder whether it exists without us; without my eyes moving all over it, and head-bobbing, it would not be seen by anyone. Perhaps it would not have been.
I realised I have been destroying them whilst I look and love at them, so take a small sorry pause. They’re so delicate and special and I’ve been moving through them, raking, washing them away. A new ‘oh’.
A little sadness now, as I turn away from the pastel colours and cut a curve through the light white ahead with the frizbee. Suddenly, I see steam creating huge plumes of cloud rising directly from the grass, heated by the rising sun – the little orbs were in the air now, curling and bulging!
It’s so beautiful, to see what is around me! But sadness has a hold. Soon this will be over and I will have spoiled it. I walked through all of it, destroying the colours and leaving what’s beautiful behind.
I turn once more to the coloured side, and look at the tracks we have left. They’re quite sweet and lost looking, back there. I had no idea what I was doing. All I see now is a memory forever. Of one of the best walks of my life.

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