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I’ve been using Photoshop for a very long time now; I’ve been using it to create images of my own rather than manipulate photo’s – I’m pretty hot at photo manipulation anyway, but its not what really floats my boat these days. Its all about the digital painting and speed painting! (excuse the big headed in there, but I am pretty good :p)

My progression lately has been stellar, and each new piece keeps getting better and better. So I’ve decided I want to share them with everyone 🙂 I’ve worked very hard to develop the skill and I’ve made myself very proud, so why the heck not ?

These are my latest pieces of work –

This is Liorah – A sweetie pie with a punch up her sleeve, should you be brave enough to awaken the beast within this beautiful buttercup (a great caption for this painting, which has actually left this angels mouth – “I like destroying and taking over”

This Is Grace – An indigo child, I’m convinced. Cleverer than most adults, with a liking for Anne Boleyn and all things magical and ancient! All that said, shes also a computer whiz, a hella bookworm and pretty much could tell you everything about our deep space universe
More to come!

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