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Wow. So, word press is hard at first!

Okay so I now have a brand new website, and a brand new blog – happy days! I can’t say what I’ll post exactly, if I’m honest. All I do know, is that I definitely plan to post about my artwork, maybe some tutorials, the people I find inspiring, my latest webposts, and I might even publish some writing of mine – since, as of right now, I have a good platform for it.

While you’re here, I’ll tell you about my site and the first of many updates. It’s going to be packed with inspiration and trends for designers and illustrators – the best part is going to be the forecasted trends and themes, including the latest colour pantones and names, so we can keep ahead of the competition together.

Since it’s 1st of April, I thought I would upload some foolishly obvious trends and colour schemes to mull over, just to solidify what my approach is with my new web space.

 – Owls baby. They’re going nowhere! this trend has had maximum longevity, and wont quit. They’re cute, come in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes, and will sell sell sell.illustration showing 4 little owls

– Moustaches. No one knows why, how or what the attraction is, we just know it’s there. There are some things that only make sense, just because they do, and this is one of them. It ties up nicely with a Parisian mono trend that’s circulating, and will easily slip into the hardcore mono themes in this seasons fashion mags. moustache


For April 2013, this months colour trend board is …*drum roll* …

GOLD RUSH. There are all sorts of buzz on over-the-top Japanese influences including gold fish and gold leaf, silkiness and rich tones. various gold colour pantones for april 2013


Apart from the harsh mono and mod themes we have going on, there seems to be little colour. Oh how wrong that statement is! – There are bunches of colours getting ready to pop for next season, including pretty mega brights that are set to revisualise the whole concept of neon – I’ll let you know what I find out…

– Karlee x

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