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I want to be someone who loves as completely as I can. And then once I get there, I want to find a higher level of love and understanding, and then get there too.
I want to do this by making others, and myself, happy. And I want to do it today for goodness sake. But i feel a bit lost.
I could do this by inspiring people to attain a state of being that is such as I want to be. To inspire love must be difficult. And easy.
It depends on the person to which you relate. So it is best to relate to others, who are much like yourself.
Making people happy means making me/you/us happy.
What makes you happy?
Funny things. Or just fun things. Beautiful inspiring things like stories or beautiful pieces of art. I love making things my own way in artwork and love to learn how. I’m most happy when small unexpected things pop up and make me laugh. I’m most happy when I see people I miss or love deeply. I am most happy when the people I love and miss are super happy. I’m also most happy when I’m alone too. a lot of what makes me happy is social, but I love being with me too. I know I get my best inspiration when I am alone, and it is gratifying that the thought, the creation of unique design, was something I have moved into being, in a way. And that, if I want I could make it real. I love the time to myself to reflect on things and let go of things. I love being, and just that too. looking. And breathing.
Therefore, I guess all of that, as an answer, could be best used to help make others happy by helping to recreate them in other peoples’ lives, as well as you own. We have a lot to relate to others and there are always more people like us. Never exact, but nearly the same.
His is your life we’re talking about. Not your job. Or your house. Or anything silly. Just who you would like to be as a person.  You asked your friend if she died, would she feel she lived her life well, and would be happy with what she has done. She said yes. Do you feel this way too?
Yep. I’m a good person and try hard to do the best I can. I think I just get muddled. Sometimes too afraid to be exactly what I want, so I can have a life that society puts before me. Maybe a mortgage. Bunches of money and a car. Some really expensive jewellery, lol. It is all such a pile of crap to aspire just to have this. And I don’t even really want, or need, it.
I told the same friend that all I want is enough money to put food in my mouth and a pencil in my hand.
Do you regret that?
No. I mean every part. And I know so because I felt immediately overwhelmed. Like I’d hit an emotional jackpot. That’s got to be some sort of signal right?
Hella yeah; did you think that stuff just happened to be embarrassing?
Lol. I guess.
Your feelings are you. and they signal exactly what you want and aspire to be. Guidance is always here if you want it. And don’t hesitate to ask if you need me ever again. I’m here always. Soon, we’ll have a quick get together about how we can make other people happy, in the best way you know how. Humour, art and love for others & the self.
I love B too.
I know you do, so do I J

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